Gary-Ross Pastrana documentation

Hoang Duong Cam documentation

"chute" (fall) occurs as long as the gravity phenomenon produces it, the exhibition takes its title from this movement of inevitability. As the Earth is filled with gravity, I feel that money produces the same effect in society. To assure prosperity and stability, japanese society launches collective oriented economic systems; for example, saving money was once a virtue, then consumption, and today's value is eco-business. As each epoch changes his moral, I can be judged by the current economic imperative; however, I doubt about this money-driven moral frame. In so far as people set their perspectives in the path traced by economy, the artists shown in this exhibition contemplate this reality, in the crossing of these two types of gravity. "Ideal", photo work of Hoang Duong Cam, shows moments where a paper-made model that resembles a structure, falls from a building. This occured in Aichi, an industrial city, this model is created by the "chute" movement, it emerges a sense of melancholy and poetry that gravity possesses, as creation is analogic to this type of movement. Traditional culture showed as entertainment by Camamoto's gaze, Hikaru Miyakawa's useless bags, money in front of animals by Hanae Utamura and Gary-Ross Pastrana's burnt ladder that becomes an ash bird. All these objects lost their primary role in a sensibility that is not defined by stereotypes, then their proper aesthetic emerges. The "chute" (fall) may become beautiful in the ephemera process that it is as we have  the "fall" in seasons , or as we "fall" in love. Simultaneously, when the ideal of living falls deeply, our spirit manages, with the experience of that process, to reach a higher place. This exhibition shows works that went through this process, I would like to manage to create a new aesthetic.